McNamee & Associates, LLC is a group of therapists that believe in the power of relationships and the positive change that occurs when all involved with a child work as a team.
We believe that...

…parents are the experts on their child, as well as their child’s best teacher and therefore strive to team with parents and caregivers;

...a family's cultural values and beliefs need to be at the core of services provided, as well as inform all levels of any/all intervention(s);

…a child’s social emotional development is just as, if not more, important as any other developmental milestone they meet;

​… all development occurs in the context of relationships;

...engaging in reflective practice centered on better understanding ourselves and our biases; the babies, young children, and families we support; and the impact of power, privilege, white supremacy, and racism in our work creates the space for our providers to be the most present, intentional, and effective they can be for families;

​… working with infants, young children, and families is especially rewarding work and we feel privileged to be a part of each family’s unique and special journey.